Sunday, January 10, 2010

Belly Dance Hen's Nights

After a particularly busy lot of Hens Nights, a friend commented how hard it must be. I pointed out belly dancing for three hours, while unusual for me is well below a full day at a workshop - and at a much lower technical level. But that wasn’t it. Rather, it was turning up at a stranger’s house and offering to belly dance for them. “You’re so shy. What if they think ‘Belly Dance – how silly. I’m not doing that!’”

Well, first up I’m not “shy”. True, I’m an introvert – which means interacting with groups of people drains rather than invigorates me – and I don’t do small talk. But give me a role or a task and I have no problem fronting up to any number of people – dancing, teaching, lecturing – even giving directions on the street.

But not needing the approval of other people, like my extroverted friend, means I don’t feel personally hurt if people don’t warm 100% to me and my interests. Yes, some times a few individuals at a Hens Night are too cool to belly dance. And there are people who are too shy, too tired, too sore, too pregnant, or too drunk. But even they often get something out of the entertainment.

And at a Hens Night – that’s what I am - an Entertainer. I’m not there to show them how well I can dance. I’m not there to be admired. I’m there to help people celebrate their friend or relative; I’m there to let them have a laugh, take some silly photos – and maybe, just maybe, pick up a few belly dance moves.

Hey, if you think some of your friends might like this – and they live in Christchurch, New Zealand – feel free to contact me!