Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Belly Dance – Anyone Can Do It

Yes, our local dance network sent me a link. “Bellydance Comprehensive” – yes, in six weeks you can learn Orientale and Tribal and be up to doing a Fusion choreography. I guess I’m a slow learner. And a bad teacher – I certainly cannot teach a class Orientale in ten weeks – let alone six. Let alone Tribal.

This is probably because I have the wrong training. I have been learning Middle Eastern belly dance and folkloric for 20 years. The one who will get you up to speed in six is trained in Contemporary Dance. But she is Latin American – so it’s in the blood. Everyone knows the Egyptians migrated to South America when Atlantis dropped below the waves. And they took their fertility Goddess dance of the Sultan for painless childbirth with them.

The other kicker is that it is linked in with a mundane dance studio; lots of easy publicity. I wonder how they would react if I said I was qualified to teach Salsa because I like Mexican food?

Yes, yes, I’m getting my bedleh in a knot – everyone knows belly dance is really simple – you just drape yourself in bling and shake about a bit. If you can’t get it first time – have a couple of drinks.